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Lorenzo Taliani  ITALIAN FLAG

After his studies, he decided to travel the world to live in different cultures and learn new languages (with meagre results). Now he is back in his hometown, combining his experience in marketing with a more artistic approach that has always fascinated him.


Strong. Determined. Her work is influenced by her career in the fashion industry.
She began her path as model maker and designer in a fashion agency where she designed clothes and
accessories; she then had to change her line of work due to family obligations. After long time she can go
back to devote her time to what she loves the most: drawing.

Federico Fontanella ITALIAN FLAG

Perceptive. Melancholy. Anything can spark his imagination.
He’s often wondered what his life would have been like had he read Ulysses a few years later;
unfortunately he was young and his sanity was lost forever. He spent all his time trying to recreate Joyce’s
style in his work, and slowly found his own failure after failure.
In his spare time, he watches circuses fly in the sky.

Thiago Bianchini Artist

Thiago Bianchini BRAZILIAN FLAG

Persistent. Optimistic. He was drawing day and night from the age of 14 to 19 until his fingers started bleeding.
His biggest inspirations are nature, human feelings and a new way of looking at our world. His love for nature and art are truly connected, and He could never imagine one without the other.


Perfectionist, Dreamer. He spend all his free time drawing graphics, most often using a sharp pen.
He has already changed 6 cities of residence hunting inspiration, in the eternal search for new ideas.