Drapenn Earth

Think about the Impact

We know that looking at the price it might seem a bit excessive. You may think 45€ is a lot to pay for a t-shirt. This price is certainly above average, but there's many aspects you're may be overlooking:

Let's say you buy a t-shirt for 5€. Shops have a margin on the product thats around 50% or more of the total you paid. So your 5€ t-shirt was actually paid around 2€ to the producer.
We assure you, no high-quality garment is made for this low of a price. Unless of course the manufacturers are exploited, have bad work conditions or use materials with a high environmental impact.

Paying 'the right price' for a garment means you're fairly paying everyone in the supply chain and for higher-quality and low impact materials.

We're certainly not the only company out there, the point is choosing companies with clear ideas that work towards equality and sustainability. Think before you buy!

A 5€ t-shirt may have a 50€ worth impact on the environment and future generations.

Our Mindset

We'll start by saying that all our products are made in Italy. We make most of our clothes within our company in Modena, sometimes with the help of external tailors and other craftsmen.

We buy all the materials we use from certified Italian companies, and all the fabrics are either organic or recycled.
Organic - meaning it comes from an agriculture with a lower consumption of water that doesn't use harmful chemicals for the environment.
Recycled - meaning it comes from clothes or fabrics that have already been used.

We are constantly searching for new materials and manufacturing techniques and investing in our artists, employees and Country!

Feel free to explore our website and browse our products, and thank you for the support!