Drapenn Earth

Consider the Impact

I know that if you look at the price first it seems too expensive. € 45 for a t-shirt is a lot you think. And I probably agree with you but we need to consider many aspects:

Let's say you go to a shop (I won't make any names) and you buy a t-shirt for 5€, you think is great because it is very cheap and maybe you buy even three or four because you think is a very good deal; firstly you have to consider that usually shops have a margin that goes from 2,5 to 4 (IT COULD BE EVEN MORE) that means your 5€ t-shirt actually cost around 2€. I can assure you, you can't make a 2€ t-shirt, unless you do it in a country with bad working conditions and labor or you use production processes and materials with high impact on the environment.

If you pay a t-shirt the right price, it is made from people with better working conditions and welfare, it is made with better materials with lower impact on the environment and it also has better quality.

I'm not saying to buy from us because we are the best, there are plenty of good companies with clear ideas and mindset pointing towards equality and sustainability, I'm just saying: Think before you buy!

A 5€ t-shirt could have a 50€ impact on our environment and our future generations.

Our Mindset

Let's start to say that all our products are made in Italy. We made most of our clothes inside our company in Modena, sometimes with the help of external tailors and other craftsmen. 

We buy all the material we use from italian certified companies, and all the fabrics are organic or recycled. Organic means that come from agriculture with a lower consumption of water and doesn't use chemical agents harmful for the environment. Recycled means that comes from already used clothes or fabrics, so it's even more sustainable.

We constantly research new and more sustainable materials and ways of productions, to invest in our artists, on our employees and in our country (this last one needs desperate help!).

Thank you if you want to support us in any way!