New Artists - Babo and Nico

New Artists - Babo and Nico

New Artists in Town

Drapenn is constantly moving and our research for new illustrations will never end! Two new artists joined drapenn staff, two completely different styles to interpret their feelings, their thoughts. New drawings are coming very soon on our products but for now just enjoy their stories



Artist Babo

Calm. Curious

Setbacks never stopped him, they brought him further. After a long research to feel complete he finally found his wife, and with the birth of his daughter his life turned out to be perfect.

His professional passion is graphic art, where he loves to implement ideas and thoughts. He always says: be curious about new things and look forward to new paths.


Nico Talamona

Artist Nico

Persistent. Dreamer.

At Age 15 he sprayed his first graffiti and since then he couldn’t stop painting. His work is very vibrant, heavily influenced by his graffiti background and often inspired by nature and wildlife. He combines clean shapes and strong outlines with detailed lines and intuitive brush strokes.