If you are looking for something unique and original, our artistic collection is the right one for you!

We are constantly looking for new designs made by emerging artists, which are printed on our products with the artist's signature. For each design we print only a limited number of pieces, 80 to be precise, and an identification label with its number is sewn onto each garment. So, there will be only you and 80 other people in the world to have that design, who knows if sooner or later you will meet the others…

We are also a bit of writers and for each drawing we write a story, all our own, with free interpretation depending on what the subject inspires us. Which is what you will have to do once you receive the package… I see something in each drawing, which is not what you see, I would like to know your opinion about it, your story. Or if you prefer, read our story and draw what you see.

In everything we do, we always keep an eye on our environment, which if it weren't there, nothing else would exist. All our t-shirts and sweatshirts are in organic cotton, therefore made of a cotton that consumes less water for its production and does not use pesticides or other things harmful to the environment. Then print with a water-based ink.

Our artists are paid by us, but if there is one you really like, you can donate directly to him, in the amount you want, on the page dedicated to the artists.

If you haven’t bought one yet don’t wait too long…we will run out of pieces very soon!

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