Organic - Recyclable - Sustainable

Drapenn loves the environment... but how often do we hear that? Easy enough to say, but when it comes to putting our money where our mouth is, we face challenges that might tempt us to take the easy way. How do we safeguard the environment without compromising on quality? We took our time to study all our products, all processes involved in making them, in order to answer that question.

Our t-shirts and sweatshirt are 100% organic cotton (GOTS Global Organic Textile Standard Certificate), and the drawings are printed with water-based, non-toxic inkCaps are made of recycled wool and recycled cachemire (Global Recycled Standard Certificate) made in Italy.

On top of that, you will receive your product in a package made with recyclable and recycled material.

Global Recycled Standard Drapenn      GOTS Drapenn


PENDRA is a friend who will walk with us throughout this journey. While it is a simple pencil, to our eyes it is like a magic wand, hiding within itself the power to create emotions through drawing and writing... and to give life to small, beautiful plants we can grow and nurture.

Use it! Draw that beach you spent your summers at as a child, draw the person who keeps you up at night, write the story you've chased for years... or the grocery list? Hey, even artists go to the mall. When you're done, and you're thinking of throwing it away, plant it in a vase, give it some water and some sunlight, and see the magic happen.