Drapenn Staff

Where everything started

I was in a museum, resting my legs in the heart of a large, bright hall. Corridors and rooms spanned all around me, hosting timeless paintings, the work of a hundred artists, but my eyes rested on the painting before me. 'How old are you?', I thought. 'Three, four hundred years?'

There was, in truth, nothing special about that painting. And yet... why couldn't I look away?

A woman was pictured there, with her back to me, holding a child's hand as they walked along the riverbank. Their destination was a small village, sloping on a hill, lying in the distance with its burnt orange, ocher tones. That woman, I wondered... who was she? Where was she taking the little child? Was home awaiting them in the village, or something else?

I knew nothing of the hand whose brush had given me this painting; I knew nothing of the painting itself or its history. And yet it spoke to me, and there I was wondering about the story it wanted to tell me.

Just as you, now, are picturing this story in your head. Each will have their personal vision of the little village, even from the scarce words I used. Each of you tried to picture me in the museum and each of you have a different sequence of images about this story, different interpretations. That's the beauty of art.

Art is molded by our eyes. Therein lies its beauty.



Drapenn’s goal is to gather drawings by artists all over the world and reimagine them in products and contexts, likewise creating original stories intended to stimulate the imagination.

What we want is to help talented artists establish themselves in a world where technology, with all its pros and cons, has by now eclipsed hand drawing, and finding motivation gets harder by the day.


All our products are handmade in Italy and they are made by top quality organic cotton. To make them even more unique only a limited set of copies will be marketed for each drawing. A numbered label sewed onto each t-shirt will be a testament to their authenticity.


Drapenn will not forget the environment: for this reason, we chose a GREEN policy that makes sure all links in our production chain are studied with a mindset that puts our Earth first. Some of our products will be made of already recycled fibers.