Drapenn Staff

Who we are

Drapenn is a project borned in 2019 in Modena (Italy), just before COVID started (we were pretty lucky), but we kept going on our way producing new collections every year.

All our products are made in Italy, respecting the materials quality standards while encouraging good working conditions.
We like our environment very much and we don’t want to ruin it.

All the materials we use are eco friendly: organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, linen, corn are just some of the fibers we have in our clothes. 100% of our collection is METAL FREE and 95% is PLASTIC FREE.

We have two different product lines:
The Artistic collection, where we print original illustrations made by emerging artists on our clothes. Every piece is numbered and every drawing has its own story.
The Branded collection, where we study all the details of every design, focusing on the quality and sustainability of the materials.

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Where everything started

I was in a museum, relaxing my legs in the heart of a large, bright hall. Corridors and rooms spanned all around me, hosting timeless paintings, the work of hundreds of artists, yet my eyes were fixed on the painting before me. "How old are you?" I thought "Three, four hundred years?"

There was, in truth, nothing special about that painting. And yet... why couldn't I look away?

It portrayed a woman, who had her back to me, holding a child's hand as they walked along the riverbank. Their destination was a small village, sloped on a hill and lying in the distance in its burnt orange and ocher tones. That woman, I wondered... Who was She? Where was She taking the child? Was there a home or something else awaiting them in the village?

I knew nothing of the hand whose brush painted the canvas; I knew nothing of the painting itself or the history behind it. And yet it spoke to me, and I wondered about the story it wanted to tell; exactly like you all are now picturing this story in your head.

Everyone has their personal vision of the little village, even with the few words I used. Each of you tried to picture me in the museum and each of you has a different sequence of images of this story in your head, different interpretations. That's the beauty of art.

Art is molded by our eyes. Therein lies its beauty.