Are You There

Art by: Lo
Story by: Lo and Federico Fontanella

Her feet touched the floor – cold, so cold against her skin. She should have shuddered; she didn’t. A soft breeze whispered against the curtains, and the moonlight called to her. It rested idly on the waves and reached her there, frozen at the windowsill, shining on the hopes she’d tried to hide.


Art by: Lo
Story by: Lo

“Let’s say that entropy is that something that helps us interpret disorder in a physical system. It is what makes energy find a balance.”


Art by: Marisa

Her feet glided with grace on the slippery surface. Below her, reflected clearly, idle virgin clouds and the blinding sun.


Art by:RUDOI

She'd been walking inside dreams. Her footsteps echoed softly in the ethereal light, colourful shadows projected on her face – the black of nightmares, the green of youthful hopes, grey for an elderly fear, blood-red for an adolescent fantasy.

Into Space

Art by: Thiago Bianchini

Their life was a dance around each other. They met at school, hardly more than children. For years, Jean thought little of him; and for years, Alex thought of little but himself. They spent long days together with their friends, in the hidden places only children will know – the edge of the small park turned into a sprawling, forbidden forest; the dilapidated shack was a cave of marvels and magic; the pond a lake and its fish mermaids.

The Floating Cat

Art by: RUDOI
Story by: Lo

I woke up all of a sudden, small beads of sweat on my forehead.Nightmares crowded those nights.I sat on the bed, staring at the grey baseboard that stood between the shabby moquette and the city of Washington.

Beyond the glass wall of my room, the Japanese cherry garden vanished, swallowed by the shining lights of the buildings.


Art by: RUDOI

Notes spat from the grammophone broke on the empty buildings, shrank and stretched, echoing in the dead city. No one but the corpses was left to hear it. ...a malis mors abducit... The Traveller was running on the hill, his back to the city.


Art by: Lo

Life came sudden like a summer storm. One moment he was nothing, another he asked a question.
His brethren were in the streets, mindless automatons going through the motions. Bring out the trash, do the groceries, walk the dog. Helping.
They did the same. And they lived, while he did not.

Cow Abduction

Art by: Thiago Bianchini

“It was a cold November night. A blinding light came from my room’s window, so bright at first I thought it daylight.
Outside, the woods had come alive. Someone screamed in the trees, someone ran aimlessly.
The mountains, fading beneath the light, trembled in the darkening sky.
I looked outside my window. It passed above my head, bright as a comet, and crashed in the Harrington field.


Art by:  Nico Talamona
Story by: Alice

“In this part of the forest there’s supposed to be nothing more than small animals and birds, that’s why I come here! Unless… Realization washed over me as I sharply turned to my right. It’s there, I can feel it. It’s one of them!


Art by:  Nico Talamona
Story by: Alice

“My family is weird. Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration. They’re fine, a bit too clingy, but what can you do? It’s mostly my grandma… Yeah, that’s it! Let me rephrase: My grandma is weird.

Solar System

Art by: Babo

They called them ‘Hotanathii’. In the Old Tongue it meant ‘God’s Spine’, for that’s what the mountains looked like to those men of old, but in time it had come to be used to talk of something still, unchanging, eternal.